Love & Infinity

Written By: Madison Elizabeth Campbell “Ebby”

Our souls return to each other in waves, this is how we love so infinitely. You can see a bit of someone you already know and love in a stranger and it makes you love the stranger a little more than before. Love grows that way until eventually you’ll start seeing bits of this new love in others, and you will know then just how much your love for them has grown.

The best part is, every time this happens, you love Them a little bit more, them being the old love and the new. That is how I feel I can love so infinitely, because I can go so long without seeing someone and still continue loving them all the while. It’s quite simple to do really because I’m constantly seeing and meeting new people who I just innately love because I see traits I love in them, until eventually I love so many traits in this new person that I love them as a whole.

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