Fiber of the Paper: In Between the Ink and the Stars

Written By: Garrett Golden

I wrote today, wrote from the soul. I’ve written before. Today was something different. This time, this time when the ink started seeping its way into the fiber of the paper, it started me down a rabbit hole of an unknown well which tapped me into a place of power. A power within, within the heart , the soul, within the minds eye.

In this place of uncharted pathways: journeys, destinations, thought, emotion, this uncharted dimension that begins where the flesh ends, I found something. This something, is something of that that I know not of what. It’s a place of peace, a place where the meaning of judgment is not in existence. A place where being lost in a jumble of words, lost in a downpour of emotions, a place lost in undisturbed thought, is really a place of knowing exactly where I am.

I’m coming to find that this power does not belong to me. That it came from the skies, the earth, the moon, in the rays of light, in the tremendous pull of gravity, from the burning white heat within the stars many galaxies away, from cold waters flowing from ice caps to the seas. From the laugh of a child, the sound of tree frogs, the feel of summer rain slapping against my face. From the compassion and love of another human being, from all the elements of the universe this power belongs, this power comes from.

This power does not derive from me. Yet, this power is mine nonetheless. As it is yours.

I’ve yet to understand it, and I am content with the reality that I may never understand it. Albeit, I know it, I am One with it, I EXPERIENCE it. I am currently experiencing that writing allows me to dive into this well of power, but it is not the only way. There are many paths to it, meditation being one.

I know not where these words are taking me, nor what the meaning is. I do know that a friend of mine inspires me to write, encouraged that I do so. The result of this passage. I want to write of the man I am. The emotions I come across. The feelings that pull me into their embrace or trap. The thoughts of which drive me, or pull me under my own weight of self-doubt, worry, and pity. These will have to come from another location, distance from now, or as most call it, Time. For it is late in the night. I write under the stars, in the embrace of my Mother, the Earth. I am tired, these words which are being read were forced from my mind, trying to let my soul come with them. But, sleep is needed to keep the mind and soul sharp and honed for this journey called life. Alas, I cannot write more without making the ink lie to its audience from forced thought, heart, and soul.

Good night my beautiful Human Race, good night all living creatures on this wonderful and rare Earth we have the pleasure of experiencing. Goodnight.

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