Friday Night Write w/ Stefan Glamp

“Friday Night Write” is a podcast where writers share their work to the tune of ambient soundscapes.

Each episode will be an audio excursion into the mind of an individual as they share their art with the world.

Each guest on the show will read their work as music guides our ears towards artistic self-expression.

On this episode:

Stefan Glamp (Mental Health Councilor) listens in on and shares his thoughts in response to “Good Guy” Garrett Golden and Adam Abramowitz’s creative writing.

The boys discuss themes of philosophy, self-awareness, and gratitude as they come to a better understanding on the work they do, and how it relates to the world around them.

Near the end of the episode, the subject of Mental Health and treatment is approached.

The discussion broadens into an exploration on what Stefan and Adam have seen working at a treatment center, while Garrett shares his own experience on the stigma associated with mental health disorders.

If you dig the show, or would like to be a featured artist, please go to and send a message.



Every comment, share, and like helps spread the message and we appreciate every listen.

The essays read on the show are: “Magic in the form of Words” by “Good Guy” Garrett Golden

and “Field of Vision” ( by Adam Abramowitz

The music accompanied with easy essay are as follows:

“The Stars Look Different Ziggy Stardust” by SpinningMerkaba


“Moscow” by Jim Rooster

Enjoy the Show!

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