Friday Night Write w/ Will Conrad

3 pieces of literature, read by 3 different authors, with a total run-time of 20 minutes.

Featuring the music of: Tycho, Pink Floyd, Glitch Mob, Bjork, Skyrim(The Soundtrack), and Air.

Listen for free and subscribe on iTunes here: Friday Night Write w: Will Conrad

“Friday Night Write” is a podcast where writers share their work to the tune of ambient soundscapes.

Each episode will be an audio excursion into the mind of an individual as they share their art with the world.

Each guest on the show will read their work as music guides our ears towards artistic self-expression.

On this Episode:

Adam Abramowitz reads: “Higherpowerlessness and the Illusion of Free-Will”

An observation of the forces that have developed him into the man he is today.

Adam explores his memories and the lack of control in response to the stimulation of reality. He didn’t choose to be born, what makes him think he can choose how to live?

Read the written essay here:…free-will-part-1/

“Good Guy” Garrett Golden reads: “Spark of Electricity”

An exploration of spirituality manifesting in the form of people, places, and things. Garrett attempts to define that which is unexplainable, the idea of “God”.

 Will Conrad reads: (Untitled)

Will shares a piece of himself in the form of poetry. A feeling captured on paper for the audience to decipher.

The music featured on this episode in order of appearance:

Tycho- “Awake”
Pink Floyd- “Dogs”
Glitch Mob feat. Swan- “Between Two Points”
Bjork- “Joga”
OST Skyrim (Videogame Soundtrack)- “Awake”
Air- “Cosmic Trip”

Episode Cover Art by: Jonathan Ashe (

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