Teach Me How to Die

I imagine an old man at the end of his life

And the thoughts running through his mind are all the things he wished he would have said, or done, and he’s afraid.

Not because he doesn’t know what will happen…

But because he still has stuff he wants to do.

But to have a chance at doing those things, I think we have to die.

And not in the “oh snap I just died and now I’m a ghost” type death…

But dying to “what we think we know”, “who we think we are”, and “what we believe in”.

Cause if we kill these ideas, if we let go of everything we think we need to survive, we might have a chance to thrive.

And when the day finally comes, when the moment fully arrives, we’ll be so daggun tired from all the living we’ve done that we’re ready…

for whatever wants to happen next

(for my e-mail friends tap the picture above to learn how to live)


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