w/ Johnny Beirne Ep. 12

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Calling all Thesbians! This week’s episode is all about acting!!

Johnny Beirne shares his experience pursuing a career as a performer and an actor. We talk about theatre, films, auditioning, and the mindset of a creative.

He also learns me on an interesting technique for body awareness called “The Alexander Technique”.

Check him out on his IG! @JBJohnnyBeirne

Here is the link to his video at Elen’s Stardust Diner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-SyR2KAJSo&t=3s

ALSO! In the episode, we talk about Steven Pressfield’s philosophy of “Acting as If”.

Here is the link to that essay: https://stevenpressfield.com/2016/10/writing-as-if/

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And, as always, in the words of Bill & Ted:

Be excellent 🙂

“Is life without meaning? Are you and I marooned on an atom of dust hurtling in the dark through a pointless cosmos?


But we can’t act as if we believed that.

We must act as if there were meaning, as if our lives and actions did have significance, as if love is real and death is an illusion, as if the future will be better than the past, whatever that means.

One of Seth Godin’s great contributions is the idea of “picking yourself.” Don’t sit on a stool at Schwab’s like Lana Turner waiting for someone else to pick you to be the next star.

Pick yourself.

Act as if you were a pro, a fastball hitter, the real thing,

And there’s additional magic to the practice of acting as if and writing as if. In some crazy way, acting and writing as if makes our beliefs about ourselves come true.

What we had only projected takes on its own reality. That’s a law.

“You’re an actress,” Art Carney tells Lily Tomlin at a scary moment in Robert Benton’s great private eye flick The Late Show. “Act brave.”

-Steven Pressfield

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