Pontification (Get a Tate in)


Today, we’ve got a quote to ponder:

“The abandonment of useless human effort is just the thing we need for contacting Higher Power.

By abandonment I mean setting aside ego-directed drives such as: planning, contriving, desiring, hoping, yearning, speculating, demanding, straining, claiming, influencing, and dominating.

All these interfere with the natural flow of inner life.

We contact higher power as we loosen our attachments to them.

And then, at some magic moment, we change from driven men to carried men.” (or women)

-Vernon Howard from “The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power”

Enjoy the sweet sweet jam as you pontificate the introspective nature of reality 😉 – for my e-mail friends, tap the picture above to listen to Incubus

Who am i and how do I live?

By letting go

What about what i want?

You’ve never truly known what you want


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Have a most excellent rest of the day

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