Podcast: A Tool for the Aspiring Artist

Author: Adam Abramowitz

In a world confined by rules and judgement, an artist struggles to break free…

Marc Maron and “WTF”

I was introduced to the podcast “WTF” while I was pursuing a dream of becoming a professional musician. The interviews and stories shared on Maron’s show gave me reason to believe that I wasn’t crazy for going after what I wanted. The people he interviewed all had the same patterns of ambition, work ethic, and attitude. When they spoke of what they went through before “making it”, I realized that the emotions they alluded to were emotions I was experiencing on my own road towards success. I was able to empathize with the absurdity of thinking,

“Am I crazy because I want to be an artist?”

“Do people actually make a living being in a band touring a country?”

“Is my art good enough, will people like and respond to the things I know, the things I feel?”

The emotional roller coaster many of Maron’s guests went through gave me hope. Their stories gave me an opportunity to relate to the isolation an artist can experience on a daily basis. These voices, recorded for me through microphone & presented via podcast, inspired me to feel a part of. Even though I had never met any of these people, the thought process and struggle that many of my favorite artists endured gave me a sense of hope as I trudged my way toward a vision of success. A dream that only I could see, shared wirelessly with people who couldn’t hear me.

Pete Holmes and “You Made It Weird”

I encountered this podcast at a time when I was searching for a better understanding of how I felt spiritually. As I was living and creating, I found myself wondering how I could be so content.

“Why do I always feel each moment of my existence is perfect, why does everything seem so illuminated and ripe with purpose?”

“Why do I no longer see “time” as something measurable?”

It was in Pete Holmes conversations with Brian Greene (Theoretical Physicist) and “Science Mike” McHargue (Spiritual Sensei) that I discovered I was not alone. In these conversations, I learned to better define my own understanding of our cosmos and the infinite “moment” that persists as long as our eyes are open.

I must add that Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s, “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”, significantly impacted my own spirituality in an extremely positive way. In his show, I found no real answer for our existence. Instead, I discovered the cosmos to be as infinite and perplexing as our own minds. Everything in our reality seems to be a miracle of science, a miracle of inexplicable magnitude that will never fully be understood.

The fact that we don’t know why we are here and there are many things left to be explained gives me serenity. It allows me to focus inwardly and understand that as I live and breathe, I need to do what makes me happy. Nothing else truly matters.

Marc Maron & WTF taught me how crucial transparent honesty is while creating. Tapping into the uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that plague every human and projecting them in the form of content creates an emotional connection between the artist and the audience. To know that I was not alone helped me hone in on my honesty as I began to create.

Pete Holmes & Neil DeGrasse Tyson gave me knowledge and awareness as I defined my own interpretation of spirituality. I’ve been able to see the world as a playground with physical laws that govern every aspect of reality. It’s in these laws that I found a path for my own positivity and vulnerability. Every action we take will result in a reaction. If we are vocal and persistent in what we want, we will receive what we need. If we treat others with love, regardless of race, religion, or creed, we will receive.

From my minds eye, to yours… ©

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