Fate, Destiny, & God: In Search of Truth

Just as the cosmos expands exponentially into infinity, creating and evolving itself, so does the human mind…

A visual excursion into the minds of “Good Guy” Garrett Golden & Adam Abramowitz

Written by Garrett just prior to filming:

“It’s 1:05pm. Good morning. I’m just waking up, dislike it much I do. I’ve been extremely busy this past week between work, Thanksgiving holiday, and moving into a new home. Today is Saturday, and it’s almost over. Sleeping this late into the afternoon is not worth it to me. It was not worth staying up till 5:30am and wasting away my day. All my energy is now misplaced, and I don’t even get half a day to further myself in life and attack the day with ambition. I slept late into the afternoon and didn’t even catch up on any sleep.

The plan today is to meet up with Adam A. to watch a movie titled “Anima”. After the movie, while it’s still fresh in our psyche, we will be doing a video recorded podcast. I am super stoked to be part of an opportunity such as this. We are gonna nail it! To me it doesn’t matter if the video will receive many views, or if people will or can relate to the topic at hand, or if I sound like an idiot to a crowd. These things hold no value over the value I’m placing in it for myself. I believe this opportunity will allow me a range of benefits…

Firstly, I’ll be kicking it with a really fly guy, the Big Man Red himself. Someone with whom I connect in a way that furthers my understanding of philosophical living, on a way that exercises the connection of higher conscious with myself, placing me deeper into the consciousness of One. When we’re together, we slip out of our solipsism and become one in way of thought and heart. I’m stoked to watch this movie and break it down in our own understanding of life as we tap into it ourselves. I know that there are other individuals out there, somewhere, that will tap into our consciousness, allowing them to reach us through the powers of universal higher conscious. These individuals will tap into me in a way that will feed my own understanding of life, love, hope, and the betterment of the Human Race.

Secondly, this will allow my perception of reality to be changed, no not changed, it can only grow in understanding, understanding that I will never fully understand. Ain’t that a trip? The trip of my life. The journey of all our lives. I have a basic understanding of what my reality is, and it’s usually similar to others perception in the way that a wolf is similar to a crow. There are no similarities between the two, is there? This opportunity for a communion of thought with a man that’s a part of my tribe will only allow more awareness. An awareness of the way life plays a part in my own human experience, and the experience of others around me. The more I explore and exercise my understanding of reality, the more I grow into truth: the more I grow in understanding, the more I grow in compassion, the more I grow into my fate (the fate that is created by my communion with destiny), the more I grow into the view of my minds eye’s view of all things relevant to my connection with everything. Like a spark of electricity arcing out to anything available to receive it’s touch.

Not much more I will write since I should have left for said opportunity 10 minutes ago. With that said, this video may have no hold on what I write. My plan is to disconnect from the knowledge of the fact that the video will be viewed by others. With the disconnect, I’ll have the power to skip from fear of judgment, slip from the notion that I need to be something more or less than what I already am. I will be able to tap into the Oneness between Big Man Red and myself, so that we can be part of the umbrella of one.

Good day and happy travels on your trail of life.”

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