Inside the Minds Eye w/ Jennifer Ann Butler

Jennifer Ann Butler is about to publish her first book: Imperfect “How I Managed to Utilize the Energy of Depression to Write a Book”.


In this podcast, she shares her experience of going to AA meetings every day in search of God.

She describes how implementing healthy eating, exercise, and sugar restriction reformatted her brain to remove the craving for drugs & alcohol.

And, we discuss the feels felt while approaching the 4th step, an effect that caused Jen to begin writing “Imperfect” as a way to procrastinate on her step work.

This is: Inside the Minds Eye w/ Jennifer Ann Butler

Featuring the music of P Suade aka Patrick Mahon (P Suade on Soundcloud)

Podcast available for listening/download on iTunes and Soundcloud:

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-About Jennifer Ann Butler-

Jen has spent most of her life struggling with depression. Last October, she began the arduous process of weaning herself off of anti-depressants.

After her medications had been discontinued completely, she began to experience emotions that left her, for lack of a better word, confused.

Intense feelings of happiness, sadness, and all-around existential angst.

Jen re-formatted her life to allow for holistic means of self-care. Excercising, healthy eating, and a regiment of transparent honesty in the face of complex emotional states.


She began to redirect her thoughts towards positive affirmations while maintaining honest and open communication.

She used her writing, and her voice, to share these feelings with a network of people experiencing similar afflictions of the mind.

The book is finished and is currently being crowd funded for self-publication.

Here is the link if you wanna throw some love towards realizing a life-long dream:

If you donate 25 dollars towards publication, Jen will sign a fresh copy of the book and send it directly to you.

And, if you wanna read more about Jen, visit her website:



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