Our Answer to the Social Dilemma (Shared Space)

How we got here and where we’re at:

(for my e-mail friends, click the picture above to watch the video)

From Road to Recovery Ep. 8 w/ The Most High Show

Link to full Episode at Here: https://subsplash.com/mosthighministries/lb/mi/+qp4s7hn


2 thoughts on “Our Answer to the Social Dilemma (Shared Space)

  1. Isolation, loneliness, no mental health services due to social contact haven’t seen doc in tree months . On upside . I had nest egg of inheritance not much €20k . Iv just blown it on my apartment man if I don’t it’s gone on anfets, and rest . Ah man my home duplex looking shit hot . My mind body energy is content in knowing I’m going to have a happy warm cosy nest
    That makes me happy . As for isolation hehelol I live with depression anxiety trauma grief and addiction
    . I think people will have more empathy, understanding of depression, mental health after this. And thank you I enjoy your emails . I think you help,save people with your positivity energy. Stay safe my friend .🙏🙏🤘


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