The Untethered Soul: Who Are You?

Let’s take a crack at reading a book eh? It’s called “The Untethered Soul” and it’s all about learning how to live life good. Adam gives a summary of the first 2 chapters and reads chapter 3 “Who Are You” audiobook narrator style:

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For those who don’t feel like listening, here’s a quick synopsis:

1) There is a voice in your head talking all of the time.

2) It will try to convince you that you DON’T need to go to McDonalds to get a pair of McDoubles for $3.18 but it’s wrong and should be ignored.

3) Don’t argue with the voice. Don’t listen to it. Just observe and be aware that it’s not “You”

4) Remember: YOU really want some McDoubles

and finally

5) You aren’t who you think you are. You aren’t your story. You’re something more…

Enjoy the show!

Here’s a link to the kindle/physical copy of the book “The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself” if you’d like to check it out:

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