Field of Vision

Whether we realize it or not, our mind is working to process and interpret reality at a rate that is distinctly different than anyone else. As individuals, the world manifests itself specifically based on how we perceive it, and what we want out of it. That cookie in the cabinet that you’ve been thinking about? All you have to do is grab it. Continue reading Field of Vision

Nuss on Being Creative

An original idea doesn’t mean that it has never been done, but that it comes from your own life. Anything that you take from your own life is unique to you and although many others may have experienced things in a similar way, it is not possible that people have seen it through your eyes. To create a song or write a poem or story that captures a way that you felt that meant anything at all to you can not only help you to understand why you felt certain ways, but it can open another persons mind to see their own similar situation in a different light. Continue reading Nuss on Being Creative

Escape into Creativity

Drawing by: Jonathan Ashe Written by: Adam Abramowitz Creativity is an escape. We have the ability to tune the world out as our brain focuses on self-expression. The act of creating is one of the few things that allows us to displace ourselves from reality and just feel. Listening, reading, or viewing someone else’s art does the same thing. The difference between the artist and the audience is the artist creates something from within, and shares it to be discovered by someone else. If done right, the artist leaves behind a piece of themselves, so they can be free of … Continue reading Escape into Creativity

Fear, Frustration, and Creation

Written and Painted by: Sam Rathvon

Once, in an English class that I did not particularly care for, I heard an amazing story. My professor told of a poet who worked in a field. It was said that he could feel a poem coming like a calm breeze passing through the grains of wheat. The poet would run as fast as he could back to the house to find some means of capturing the poem; always hearing its inspiration drawing nearer and nearer. Sometimes, he would make it back to his house in time to gather some paper and ink before the train passed his station. However, there were just as many times when he felt the poem pass him by like a gust in the wind. Gone forever, and never to return.

The poem was in search of someone to capture. Continue reading “Fear, Frustration, and Creation”

Inner Workings of the Clockwork City

Written By: Abe Redstone

I sit in a room with no windows, on a couch with nothing but my cell phone screen illuminating my face at 2 in the morning. This scene isn’t so different from my life five months ago, and at the same time, my life has changed drastically. The love of my life, the woman whom I pledged my world to, my wife, sleeps in the bed beside my spot of contemplation instead of not speaking to me… Continue reading “Inner Workings of the Clockwork City”

True Sentiment: A Fear of the Human Face

Written by: Travis Goure

For a long time I’ve been deeply frustrated by my inability to express the form of my fear. So now, as it presently occurs to me, I’m surprised to see some of its manifestations, the first and most monstrous of which is my fear of the human face. It is a fear of their expressions, of what I think they’ll say, against what they truly do. It is like when I’ve been in a grocery store, and said something to a clerk which returned a peculiar look, one which reads, to me, that what I said was inappropriate, or obtuse, or taken the wrong way. In those instances I have often spent a week or more replaying that scenario in my mind until I find some strange way of bridging its cold disharmony.

It is nearly impossible for me to hold a conversation without my heart rattling, my legs swaying, and why? Continue reading “True Sentiment: A Fear of the Human Face”

Does Happiness Require Selfishness?

Written By: Adam Abramowitz

I’m beginning to think that I have developed an understanding of God that fits my own idea of what has meaning, what has purpose. I’m fearful that my own philosophy of universal attraction (by way of thought) has enabled me to be ruthlessly selfish in my own attitude and behaviors. My prayers and meditations have begun to revolve around me… Continue reading “Does Happiness Require Selfishness?”

Our Lips: The Gates of Truth

Written by: MJ FA

Your lips are gates, gates of truth, gates of kindness, gates of knowledge. If your words are not honest, then they shouldn’t pass the gates of truth. If your words are not uplifting or gentle, then they should not pass the gates of kindness. When your words are not helpful information backed by theoretical understanding, then they should not leave the gates of knowledge.

Wouldn’t the vibe in the air we share be so much sweeter if we could compromise on this advice? Continue reading “Our Lips: The Gates of Truth”