Inside the Minds Eye w/ Ross Turner Ep. 4

What does it feel like when your life is arranged for action and theres nowhere to go?

Ross Turner joins me for a conversation all about corona, comedy, creativity, stand-up, sponsorship (he was mine), and love. And not just any love, but that romantic falling in love “how did this happen to me and i better not frick it up” type love. Continue reading Inside the Minds Eye w/ Ross Turner Ep. 4

To Mend a Broken Heart

Author: Adam Abramowitz

What happens when you forget reason, logic, and pride in effort to explore a romance. A projection of life lived for true love, shared equally. Ignoring your own vulnerability, passions, and pursuits of success in hope of connecting your soul to match a heart. The following story is a memory of my own attempt to connect intimately with a love I had lost…

The image I saw in my mind, the life I had created for the woman I loved, was only missing one thing. Her… Continue reading “To Mend a Broken Heart”