Inside the Minds Eye w/ Ross Turner Ep. 4

What does it feel like when your life is arranged for action and theres nowhere to go?

Ross Turner joins me for a conversation all about corona, comedy, creativity, stand-up, sponsorship (he was mine), and love. And not just any love, but that romantic falling in love “how did this happen to me and i better not frick it up” type love. Continue reading Inside the Minds Eye w/ Ross Turner Ep. 4

“Good Guy” on Life, Death, and Truth (with Josh P.)

“Good Guy” Garrett Golden and Josh Presley explore the question of existence… Whats the point of life? Why are we here? What happens after we die? The boys answers some of these questions, providing insight into their own Truth… Whats yours?     What do you think? Continue reading “Good Guy” on Life, Death, and Truth (with Josh P.)

To Mend a Broken Heart

Author: Adam Abramowitz

What happens when you forget reason, logic, and pride in effort to explore a romance. A projection of life lived for true love, shared equally. Ignoring your own vulnerability, passions, and pursuits of success in hope of connecting your soul to match a heart. The following story is a memory of my own attempt to connect intimately with a love I had lost…

The image I saw in my mind, the life I had created for the woman I loved, was only missing one thing. Her… Continue reading “To Mend a Broken Heart”