Feel the Feels

What to do when you’re in the feels:

Do not distract yourself. Don’t ask why it’s happening or what it’s for.

Don’t try to figure out what you did or how you got here.

Just sit and listen.

Let the thoughts pass.

Raise your awareness and understand:

It’s happening to the character of “you”.

And the “you” that you’re observing doesn’t need judgement.

Do not label thoughts or emotions as “bad”, or “negative”.

Treat yourself like a friend and provide presence.

If you feel yourself in the past, let go.

If you fall forward and catch yourself attempting to plan, strategize, or solve the sore…stop.

The character you’re observing, the “you” that feels the feels, doesn’t exist.

Anything you come up with to fix or absolve the issue is a manifestation of the ego.

And right now, we’re letting the ego disintegrate. (Thats why its painful)

So wait, listen, and remember:

You are not your thoughts.
You are not your feelings.
You are not what happens to you.

And after it’s passed, and your mind and heart clears, be excited.

Because you’ve broken through


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