Reality and the Tao (Let Go and Get Pitted)


You wouldn’t try to change a friend. You’d want what they want

It’s the same with Reality.

The idea is to recognize that everything happening through, and around, is happening for you.

Every challenge is an opportunity
Every moment is a gift
And every thought is bullshit

Reality doesn’t care what we think, or how we feel. It just is.

The Tao Te Ching has a philosophy of embodying Reality called “The Way”.

The idea is to recognize every form of matter as an expression of energy- and you’re it.

It’s like being a swimmer in a vast cosmic ocean, and everything in Reality is always flowing, always moving…like a river.

And everyone else is swimming too. Some are going against the current, others are pushing themselves to get down stream faster, but it’s all useless effort.

Reality, or the Tao, will guide us if we let go.

It’s like “The Little Engine That Could” or “The Tortoise and the Hare”.

It doesn’t matter how much or how little we exert. We’re all going the same way.

The trick is letting go of “our” way.

Letting go of our own ideas, thoughts, concepts, and judgements of what Reality is doing, or what Reality should be.

It’s not our place to identify, label, or control.

All we can do is listen, embody, and understand the mental and emotional states we find ourselves in.

It’s like adjusting our sails to use the wind.

We don’t direct Reality, or expect things from it…

We set ourselves up to surf.

And when we bump against a wave we look at what happened and adjust…

so we can get back to getting pitted

(For my e-mail friends, hit the picture above to check out P Suade’s new track “Inner City”)

It’s an absolute banger. Totally fits in with the theme of today and the imagery he uses is beautiful.

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