The “F” Word

Video Recorded by: Adam Abramowitz (November 5th 2:30am) Written by: Adam Abramowitz (October 31st 6:15pm) -Fear, Anxiety, and Self-Doubt- The tension building up to this moment has lasted for almost a week now. I’m sitting at my laptop, bundled up in a windbreaker jacket, hands still cold from the cigarette I snuck outside; a last puff as the sun began its final descent on the eve of Halloween. A little over a week ago, I made a decision to film myself talking about fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. I want to address my own fear of my face, speaking publicly. I … Continue reading The “F” Word

The Bottled Suicide: Fear, Depression, & Finding a Purpose

“…This isn’t your fault loved ones. I can’t be helped. I love you. I hope your wishes come true in your endeavors.”

In that moment I finished up bottles of benzodiazepines and liquid opiates quickly. I felt the life inside me slowly start to wash away into a silent fading rhythm of my heart and breath. “Here it comes. Finally…” Continue reading The Bottled Suicide: Fear, Depression, & Finding a Purpose