Control Issues w/ Zora Johnson: Intimacy and Connection (Ep. 1)

How do you know when to drop the “no man ban” and start dating? Whats the deal with being a woman in recovery?

All of these questions and more are answered in our very first episode of “Control Issues” w/ Zora Johnson!


On this episode, Zora brings in a special guest to talk about being outnumbered by men in recovery, developing female friendships, and recognizing old patterns for better relationships.

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One thought on “Control Issues w/ Zora Johnson: Intimacy and Connection (Ep. 1)

  1. I’m excited for your new endeavor, Zora. I found that a lot of what you talked about can be relevant not only to being in recovery, but to anyone going through a transitionary period. It’s always a good reminder to make an effort not to lose yourself when things are new (positive or negative) and life is being particularly tricky. Looking forward to episode 2.

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