13 Things to Reflect

One: get back on my evening inventory

Two: read the morning reflections (I did that this morning but I gotta do it better)

Three: stay in my truth

Four: Don’t do anything if I’m thinking too much about it, redirect an action to something beneficial (calling a sponsee, my sponsor, or another person. Talking about it.)

Five: I’ve gotta remember: I don’t know what’s best for people. And I don’t have a higher understanding of god. I’m just as confused and uncertain as everyone else, and if someone is sure of themselves, that’s ok. Accept that and let it be. Enjoy the show

Six: keep going, fucking up, feeling, and learning

Seven: be thankful for everything, even when you’re confused or angry or dumb

Eight: you don’t need to have the answers, and nothing you say truly matters. It’s just another voice in an infinite composition of voices.

Nine: keep sharing and don’t worry how it’s received

Ten: let yourself share what wants to be shared. No need to force, or connect things, or present things in a way that could be better received. Trust yourself in the moment. Trust the flow of time. Let yourself be in it, don’t rush it, let it fall from your face as it explores, or expresses, whatever it wants.

Eleven: truth and understanding are on the other side of action, even when the action manifests from defect

12: there’s nowhere to go, no one to be. Nothing to prove, and nothing to see. There’s no light to be shown, because it’s an energy, and it expresses itself

13: get out of the way so it can shine


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