On Step 3

Making a decision is essential to working this step because it affirms that I’m willing to continue following suggestions and do the rest of the steps.

It means I am going to trust other people, the program, and the will of the universe (rather than my own)

How will you apply the 3rd step?

I won’t listen to my thoughts. I will listen to others and take action. I will share what I’m thinking/feeling with other people.

I will go to meetings, do step work, and share my experience.

I will be patient, disciplined, and aware.

Life is not about me. It’s happening through me. My role is to align with nature as it flows through, and into, reality.

The more important thing to understand is what my will is. If I can know what my will is, I can know what NOT to do.

My will is everything I think about (how the world is, what I want, or what I need). Gods will is what actually happens. If I can get my own will out of the way, I can align myself with reality, or truth, as it expresses itself in the living moment.

That’s why we have tools in recovery

Here are 5 things that are available to help me get me out of my own will:

1. call another addict/alcoholic
2. Call my sponsor
3. Pray/meditate
4. Go to a meeting
5. Read spiritual texts

The idea is to use my network, my meditations, my sponsor, meetings, and readings to disrupt the process when my will wants to start running.

Acting on self will has affected my life by believing I know what’s best, or thinking that happiness is something I can create.

It’s caused me to experience depression, angst, and existential despair.

It’s caused me to believe that I have to do something: to work, create, and produce, to make something of myself, to find peace/contentment.

It’s caused me to hold on to my ideas of life, spirituality, and recovery rather than be open to the ideas and perspectives of others.

My self will thinks it can design a better future for everyone. And it has caused me great pain.

God is a verb. It’s the moment we exist in as it expresses itself. It is reality. Truth. It doesn’t give a shit about what I’m thinking or how I’m feeling. It just is. It’s happening.

It’s nature as it unfolds all around, and within. It’s the breath, the blood circulating through my veins, the wind, the sky, the stars, and everyone around.

It is a unified expression of cosmic consciousness in the form of me and you.

It’s the part of me that’s non-judgmental, unidentified, and unattached. It’s the observer to life as it expresses itself through, and around, me.

It’s an embodiment of being, and it’s everything all at once. It’s happening.

Are you struggling with changing beliefs about the nature of your higher power?

Yea. Because I just spent 3 minutes writing out my own beliefs rather than listening and attempting to be open to what the book was saying.

How will you allow your higher power to work in your life?

I will allow myself to be scared, uncomfortable, angsty, and uncertain.

Do I feel that I am now ready to turn it over?


The moment you turn your will and live over to the care of god (as you understand it) the rest of your life is none of your business


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