Soul Writing

The other day, I was reading a book about “Soul Writing”.

In the book, the author spoke about how she manifested everything awesome in her life by writing to herself every day stream of conscious style.

Her story was extremely profound, and although I had my scientific ear perked during the tale, I couldn’t refute her personal experience.

It seemed to be effective for her.

In her flow, she tapped into what she referred to as her “Inner Voice”. A voice she claims we all have.

Now, I was skeptical of the claim because I’ve experienced many a detour listening to my egoic voice masquerading as intuition.

Yet I know, the answers I’ve uncovered have come from my own self-explorations. Either through sharing with others, or writing/recording my thoughts to publish.

It seems that the process of sharing has effectively tapped me into my own self discovery…

Not getting answers “from” others but rather, “in relation” to others.


What I’m about to share with you is my own “soul writing”.

When this was written, I was going through a tough moment. And in the process, a voice started writing itself on the screen:

I’m just feeling really bummed and down right now. Everything’s annoying me and my thoughts wont stop beating me in the brain.

I wish I was home. I just wanna curl up in my bed in the room and fall asleep for a week. Forget all the podcasting and writing and meditating and everything else.

I don’t know what the issue is.

I don’t know why I’m still doing all the stuff I’ve been doing. It’s never worked and I rarely get anything from it, in the form of followers or subscribers or anything.

It’s like I’ve been talking out loud to myself publicly for so long and none of it has worked

What does it mean to work? What are you seeking?

I guess a level of influence

And a level of impact


Why do you want that?

Because I feel like it would give my life meaning, or value. It would let me be seen the way I feel

You feel important?

No…I mean…yes…and I know that’s a problem

You’re not important. You just are. You’re an embodiment of whatever wants to be. Just let go so you can see, you’re carried

Ok…so, I let go and get carried…

Stop trying to force or finagle whatever it is you think you want. You’ve never known, and you never will, until you let go

But what about all the work I’m doing? Should I stop? Should I slow down? Should I change?

Yes. Change. Let yourself change. Be a friend to reality; to the moment. Let your thoughts glide past and experience with your feel.

Be different. Be who you are, whoever that may be

Ok. So, let go, be different, and change?


I would ask how but I feel like I already know.

You do.

Let go of wherever you think you’re going, whatever you think you want, and get ready for the next wave.

It’s happening now


Thanks for reading!

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Love. Peace. Chicken grease

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