What is God? (i Think i’m Gay)

Alright guys it’s super serious over here we gotta know what god is and also i think i’m gay

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Talkie Transcript (i dont think we can call these talkies any more cause it got super cringy)

What is God?

Maybe god is what happens when we’re not paying attention

Maybe its whatever this is. The thing you’re experiencing. and maybe it doesn’t know what it is either….

Maybe its a motion, a movement. An expression. Maybe its the space between then and now. 

Maybe it’s a seeking to discover itself through our eyes, our experience. Maybe its a quantum field of interconnected space particles

A big bang. The big bang. It’s happening right now. I mean, we like to think of it as being something that happened way back when but really, it’s never stopped. It’s big banging. Expanding infinitely in all directions…and, it’s speeding up. The universe is stretching beyond itself at a rate that increases exponentially with every moment.

Some people think eventually its gonna invert on itself and whip backwards…i dunno though

What if god is you?

Like an agent of the divine.

An appendage to the source.

A flower budding from the sea of consciousness. Thats what people are. Animals. Trees. Birds. Bugs. Bacteria…always moving, never still, growing up, out, and through…

Our thoughts, feelings, moods, and attitudes. Personality. Expression. Like solar flares from the sun. 

To hunker down with source is to recognize the power that expresses itself through all time and space. Then, you find that your actions, the things you say or you how feel, are really just little bursts of energy arising from seemingly nowhere

Like a hiccup, or a cough, or an itch

We think its voluntary, but if we get quiet enough, and i mean super quiet, the laws of cause and effect break down. The physical realm goes quantum and we see that everything is happening spontaneously in an infinite moment of time

There is no me and you, this or that, then or there…it’s all a great big clusterfuck of a big bang banging itself all over the place. 

The cars zooming past, the people walking by, the wind flowing through, the rain and the clouds and the breath…

Did you know you were breathing?

I haven’t though about choosing to breathe this whole time. I don’t even think about these words. Its one stroke at a time, one talk at a time…

I don’t know where any of this stuff comes from either. Or how i know any of it. Or if it’s true…

It just feels right…

and isn’t that funny. Feelings. 

It makes the experience something beyond rational. 

There was this philosopher bro named Kierkergard. He lived back in the day I’m not sure what time in history he lived but it was early existential philosophy stuff. Like, he hung around the time of Nietzche. Anyways, he wrote and studied and meditated on all this stuff for a very long time to arrive at a conclusion…

When it comes to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, the most rational thing a human being could do is to live irrationally.

What is a human being?

Almost like a verb.


Kinda like god

and maybe its you


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