An Everquest Tao

Tao. Life and all manifestations of. There’s nothing to do, only be

To witness and get swept in the sea. The ocean. The water. Whatever it is we’re breathing is what we are, tied to the external just as much as the internal

We are what we experience

And in deeper levels of meditation you find the null, or void. The nothingness that all material & immaterial phenomena arise from

You see yourself as being that which allows you to occur

No separation

Even the “you” that watches the thoughts, feelings, and form…all moving all the time

And the consciousness that allows itself to experience this: also of the same nothingness, the same void, the same phenomenon of being

And life starts happening and you forget. You get swept up in it, the ocean. The plans. The plays. The games. The thoughts feelings and ideas. The stories

It’s all part of it, like a rinse and repeat riptide

All for fun, all for show, all for experience

A unique totally unfathomable experience. Consciousness in a man woman suit on a planet in a room rotating around a star in a universe expending infinitely in all directions

Creating itself in motion

Reverse Charm Kiting Seafury Cyclops in the Ocean of Tears

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