Letter from the Editor

In honor of evolution, I’ll be releasing an excerpt from my book each day this week.

I’m going to start with the last narration I wrote before “ending” the production of “A Glance Inside the Minds Eye”…

Then each day afterwards, I’ll pick out something that will frighten me to share, and let y’all have it…

All of the posts will go up on this website, and, if I gather enough courage, I’ll share each excerpt as a status on Facebook. Continue reading Letter from the Editor

“Imperfect” (How I Utilized the Energy of Depression to Write a Book)

Coming soon on Inside the Minds Eye Podcast: A conversation with Jennifer Ann Butler- writer, doodler, and intuitively spiritual savant. Butler has spent most of her life struggling with depression. Last October, she began the arduous process of weaning herself … Continue reading “Imperfect” (How I Utilized the Energy of Depression to Write a Book)

Friday Night Write w/ Stefan Glamp

“Friday Night Write” is a podcast where writers share their work to the tune of ambient soundscapes. Each episode will be an audio excursion into the mind of an individual as they share their art with the world. Each guest on the show will read their work as music guides our ears towards artistic self-expression. On this episode: Stefan Glamp (Mental Health Councilor) listens in on and shares his thoughts in response to “Good Guy” Garrett Golden and Adam Abramowitz’s creative writing. The boys discuss themes of philosophy, self-awareness, and gratitude as they come to a better understanding on the work … Continue reading Friday Night Write w/ Stefan Glamp

An Opinion for Truth

Lust, love, pleasure and pain: All providing an escape from the existential crisis every human across all time and space has pondered… Why am I here, and what is my purpose? These questions can get lost in the vast amount of stimulation provided by the people we are around. Things people say, advice and opinions that are presented by those we respect, can all be processed as fact, when essentially, it is just opinion… I think “The Dude” said it best when he was speaking to the Big Lebowski: “Well… that’s just like, your opinion…man.” And it’s true. For everyone. … Continue reading An Opinion for Truth

Does Happiness Require Selfishness?

Written By: Adam Abramowitz

I’m beginning to think that I have developed an understanding of God that fits my own idea of what has meaning, what has purpose. I’m fearful that my own philosophy of universal attraction (by way of thought) has enabled me to be ruthlessly selfish in my own attitude and behaviors. My prayers and meditations have begun to revolve around me… Continue reading “Does Happiness Require Selfishness?”