A Reflection of Grief and Artistry

The dreams we have, the ideas we imagine, are meant for exploring.

Every one of us has an opportunity to express ourselves, to share ourselves as honest and open as we can…in pursuit of truth.

Truth that gets provided by the emotions we experience, the lives we create, and the energy we receive from those we love… Continue reading A Reflection of Grief and Artistry

Inside the Minds Eye w/ Chris Gregory

Chris Gregory lived his whole life wondering who his father was. 2 weeks before this conversation, they spoke for the first time. To catch up with Chris Gregory, check out the articles and videos we published last week leading up to this podcast: An Introduction to Chris Gregory Chris Gregory “Disparate Youth” Chris Gregory (Blood, Sweat, and Dedication) This is: Inside the Minds Eye w/ Chris Gregory Saavedra On Soundcloud: Inside the Minds Eye on Soundcloud On iTunes:  Inside the Minds Eye on iTunes Continue reading Inside the Minds Eye w/ Chris Gregory

Friday Night Write w/ Stefan Glamp

“Friday Night Write” is a podcast where writers share their work to the tune of ambient soundscapes. Each episode will be an audio excursion into the mind of an individual as they share their art with the world. Each guest on the show will read their work as music guides our ears towards artistic self-expression. On this episode: Stefan Glamp (Mental Health Councilor) listens in on and shares his thoughts in response to “Good Guy” Garrett Golden and Adam Abramowitz’s creative writing. The boys discuss themes of philosophy, self-awareness, and gratitude as they come to a better understanding on the work … Continue reading Friday Night Write w/ Stefan Glamp

When Dreams Create Reality

It wasn’t long ago that I felt isolated within my mind, alone in a state of emotional debilitation that spilled waves of doubt upon my spirit… Lost in a plague of confusion as I struggled to make sense of why I felt different from everyone around me. Adrift in an ideology, a way of perceiving reality that (I felt) couldn’t be understood among my friends or family… I’m losing myself. I’m trying to write instead of just letting it flow. I’m writing instead of just thinking on screen… The fact is, for a good length of time, I felt like … Continue reading When Dreams Create Reality