Powerlessness and the Illusion of Free-Will (Part 1)

Author: Adam Abramowitz Are we in control? What dictates the thoughts that enter our brains? Are these thoughts ours, or are they a response to the stimulation provided by reality? Can we prevent ourselves from gravitating towards the things we like, pursuing the things we want? It seems to me that everything I know, everything I’ve learned, has been shown to me by another. From an early age, my parents were a prime of example of how I learned and developed into the individual I am today. They gave me a baseline for my own likes and dislikes. They showed … Continue reading Powerlessness and the Illusion of Free-Will (Part 1)

Detox, Recovery, and the Pursuit of a Dream

Written by: Adam Abramowitz

The following is an outlet to describe stories of struggle and hope. To present ideas of purpose and success. Spirituality and self-awareness. I offer, A Glance Inside the Minds Eye…

The direction of my life is completely out of my control. I cannot prevent my gut, or my intention. My own desire to write the thing I wish I could read. I’ve found myself contemplating ideas of purpose. Ideas of success. Analyzing and interpreting what these words mean to me. What I want and how to achieve it.

The thing is, I have a dream. I want to be an author. Continue reading “Detox, Recovery, and the Pursuit of a Dream”