Salty Bro Book Club! “The Riddle of the Self” (Waking Up w/ Sam Harris) Ep. 3

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Am I me? Are you, you? What is “me”? What is the thinker of the thoughts? *Zoolander voice* “Who am I???” cue the blue steel as Stefan G. joins us for a discussion on the nature of consciousness, spirituality, and the illusion of the self!

This is the Salty Bro Book Club, and this week, we break down the chapter: “Riddle of the Self” from Sam Harris’ book Waking Up.

And also! Peep the new Patreon we set up. It’s got tiers, merch, and a totally TAO! coffee mug #pitted

With your patronage, we shall surf the self on a journey to excellence. Totally pitted, like Swayze and Reaves (Keanu that is)


And, as always, plz reach out with suggestions, comments, feedback, ideas, or any other salty shit. We wanna make the show better for all of us (even if “we” don’t really exist)


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