Play with Yourself

The ego is the idea of who we are.

It’s the desire for control, or strategy.

It’s the personality.

It’s the part of us that bubbles to the surface to interact with its environment.

The part that says “Hello”.

That part that adheres to social norms and economic structure.

It’s like a solar flare from the sun. An energy to express, though it’s not who we truly are.

At the core: we are the sun. The totality of consciousness itself.

What we do in our alone time; in reflection, contemplation, and meditation…

What we read, interact with, and digest affects how we interface with Reality.

The ego is the part of me that sees myself write these words, buy penny stocks, or get upset.

That part of me that says “Goodbye”.

It’s all a game and the ego is an expression.

It’s not meant to be judged, or eliminated, because it’s always reforming.

Play with it.


Original painting by: Wyatt Noah Dabbs

Check him out on IG! @wyatt.dabbs

Or peep his ETSY shop at here:

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