How to Awaken: Dzogchen

This is gonna get deep for a second but:

The ego is also the thing that observes your thoughts.

The “self” that acts as a witness to mental dialogue as it flows.

The “I” that we’ve been since we were born.

To enter a state of no-mind, or pure consciousness, one has to be aware that the experience of existence itself is all there is.

No good. No bad. No direction.

In Buddhist doctrine there is a practice called “Dzogchen”.

And in the practice, masters teach their students how to enter a space of nirvana, or enlightenment.

And it’s something that can arise instantly:

By raising awareness.

Before we try it, lemme hit you with some science.

All the power of the universe; all the atoms and molecules, light particles and quarks that have ever existed, are expressing themselves right now.

Through and around you.

In physics, the law of conservation of energy states: the total energy system of our cosmos is constant. Matter and energy can neither be created, nor destroyed. Only reformed.

And it’s been that way since it’s birth.

Every fiber of our being is enveloped in this expressive stream of energy.

From the Big Bang, to the gravitational force that allows our celestial bodies to orbit themselves in perpetual motion, to the evolution of life on our planet: we are budding from the universe itself.

To enter a state of Dzogchen, one must be aware that the moment itself is a pure expression of this energy.

No label. No identification. No “I”. Or “me”. Just a happening.

To try it: raise awareness of your breath, not as “your breath”, but just breath. Just a happening. The same as the light on your computer screen. Or the air that breezes on your skin.

Recognize that our bodies, and our consciousness, is enveloped in a galactic web as it unfolds and expresses itself in all directions.

Kinda like Bob Marley “One Love”.

That’s what it means. We’re all in this together, and we’re all integral parts of the universes total expression.

Not because we want it to be that way, or because it’s nice to think that…

But because it’s true.


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